Sleep Supplements
That Don't Make You Groggy

For centuries, humans have been plagued with sleep problems, muscle pain, and cramps along with issues with joint, tissue and organ health.
Recently, products containing melatonin have been taking the spotlight in natural sleep remedies, along with herbal supplements, medications, and nightly rituals. But it does not get down to what is really going on. Even with all of these options, there is one often overlooked mineral that is even more effective and healthier for you
Many Americans don’t even know that they are deficient in this mineral, which is important to mental and physical health. Almost 67% of people worldwide are deficient in this mineral.
This mineral is called magnesium, and it has many benefits that are often overlooked. It can help with symptoms associated with:
While aiding in the promotion of restful sleep and reducing leg cramps and muscle spasms.
Signs of deficiency include muscle cramps, asthma, headaches, joint pain, and constipation. It also boosts energy levels and decreases muscle soreness.
Many ways to take this nutrient are orally through capsules, tablets, drinks, and enriched foods. Research has found there is an even more effective way to absorb nutrients into the body, and that is through topical solutions. The skin has been proven to absorb nutrients better than through the digestive system.
This is because stomach acid breaks down most of the nutrient, therefore only a small amount is absorbed into the small intestine. When absorbed through the skin, nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream. Because this has been scientifically proven, there is now a product available with complete absorption from an organic source.
This product is called Asutra oil spray. This product comes straight from a protected natural source, 1500 meters below the surface of the Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands and is sealed off naturally from modern pollution.
This product has been recommended by doctors for helping relieve their restless legs syndrome, psioriasis, and for many other benefits. This spray also helps with collagen production and regulates bladder function.
While also promoting a restful sleep for all that use it. Along with doctor recommendation, consumers of this product have reported Astura’s spray stings less upon application and does not burn as much as other brands.
They also said this spray helps to ease stress connected to anxiety problems, which promotes restful sleep. When you order a 4 oz bottle of Astura’s spray, they will send you a $9.95 value ebook for free. This ebook contains information on the importance of this mineral and its many health benefits. The ebook will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase, which can give time for you to learn of all its benefits and how it can help you.
Once you start using this spray, you will instantly see results and feel a better you.

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